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fanofthecentury said: you promised me a TEH solution runthrough tho????


Yes, I did, sorry! My idea of celebrating a new Sherlock episode is running out and getting my best friend addicted to Sherlock (the schadenfreude value), and then I was packing for my return to the apparently-buried-in-snow lovely locale of Boston, MA, so things have been pretty slow on my blog and pretty hardcore outside it.

But I did promise (hope you don’t mind me making this a public answer, also tagging this with the TEH-“solution” discussion tag), and since the best way to pass the time on a four-hour flight is to (re)watch something, here it is.

See, my experience of “The Empty Hearse” was a little outside the norm. As soon as it was available to download, I watched it, blogged about it, and then I watched it again. And I was all set to rinse and repeat, but the very next day, I saw one of my best friends for the second (and the last) time we could get together all winter break. We spent the day together, I was still trembling with feels from “The Empty Hearse,” and because I knew that I was starting to get into Sherlock, I proposed that we finish the series and then watch “The Empty Hearse.”

Of course, she (1) had no idea that there were only three episodes in each season, and (2) because of this, when she said “I’m on like episode five and a half of season one,” it was a gross overestimate. We ended up railroading through the second half of “The Great Game,” went right into “The Reichenbach Fall” (here we paused for a moment for her to recover. Many amused snapchats of the mental breakdown were sent), and then dived into “The Empty Hearse.” While we were watching TRF, my memories (and my feels) were fresh from “The Empty Hearse,” and I kept picking up things that just seemed to me indisputable proof that the last theory in TEH was a fake.

Presented below, for your viewing pleasure: Ten Reasons Why Sherlock Holmes is Not God (Even Though He Likes to Think He Is).

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This is exactly how I feel about the fall and it’s recent explanation 

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